How many people have to do suicide to let others know that words do hurt. Words do kill. They strike like lightning. You look at someone and think their fine and ok. You might ask them if their fine, but they say “I’m fine, really” but their not. Their dieing inside. Your words got stuck into their minds. They believe the ugly words others say. Everyday, every minute, every hour, every second and every year someone does suicide because they can’t take it anymore. We cry not because we’re weak but because we’ve been strong way to long. Please learn and understand that words do hurt.

I think it’s dumb how people cut themselves because their sad or their mad. Some cut because they want to, some cut  because they want to be notice, some cut because they been bullied, some cut because their forced to. Your sadness will soon disappear but your open cuts will remain as scars. You only live once. You only have one life and you decided  to  waste it by crying all your life and destroying your body with bloody cuts and listening to what people say about you. Don’t you want to live a full happy life? Well then grow the Fuck up and stop cutting and stop listening to all the bull shit that people say about you. You herd the nasty things they call you and you just started believing them. Your worth everything. Your beautiful. Your stronger then they think you are. Be strong. Be yourself. And don’t waste a second on the haters. Waste life by being happy. You should be proud to be who you are. Everyday you wake up is a gift from god. Threat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t say no one cares or loves you or will miss you. Because I will. I may not know you, but I do care and I will miss you. Arms are for bracelets not for cutting. Everyone has a story. Rather it’s bad or good. Everyone has one. YOUR BEAUTIFUL. AND WORTH EVERYTHING.